• Enhancing Your Performance

    Professionally. Personally. Powerfully.

Enhancing Your Performance

Professionally. Personally. Powerfully.

What can a leadership coach do for you?

My brand of coaching provides the opportunity for clients to reflect, identify and define their true value, passions and purpose in life. A leadership coach, a performance coach, or a corporate coach. Whatever name you put on it, I can help.

Are you ready to REALLY start showing up as your BEST self?

” My focus is on leading my clients through a heuristic process of intellectual and emotional problem-solving and solution -finding in order to create a more intentional, healthy and purpose-driven life

What my clients say.

“In working with Traci, I have found her to be intuitive, thoughtful, gracious, curious and open.  She really helped me to expand my sense of what nourishment looks like by reminding me that the way I go about nurturing myself is important in all aspects of my life.  I think the biggest tangible change I have come away with after working with Traci is that I now, more regularly, ask myself what I want and need, and then make my decisions from that place.  Certainly, the biggest significant change I have seen is the relief I feel in not holding myself to the expectations of others, and thus not setting myself up for struggle and disappointment.”

Sarah S. Clinical Social Worker

“I have been impressed with Traci’s ability to read between the lines of what I share with her.  In my time working with her, I have discovered Traci to be very intuitive and able to help me reconnect with my true self.  She has helped me to better understand the underlying issues which were the real reasons behind my habits.  I find, now, I am less analytical and less knee-jerk when it comes to my responses to spur of the moment issues that arise in my business and home life.  One of my biggest issues was perfectionism, and I can say I am seeing real improvement in myself and my expectations of others in this area.  I find now that I look more at the positive outcomes of daily events instead of focusing solely on the negatives and the areas that need ‘fixing.’    I recommend Traci to anyone who has struggled with trying to change personal habits and outcomes in order to reach a goal.  She can help you to discover who you really are as a person and what gifts you have to offer to others.  She is great at helping you redefine yourself and your ‘why’ so that you can help yourself progress and serve at your greatest capacity.”

John H. Certified Personal Trainer

“The most exciting thing I experienced working with Traci was the realization that it’s okay to work towards living an ‘Ideal Life.’  I would describe Traci as enthusiastic, passionate, educated and compassionate.  If you are a person looking to take the next steps and are looking for support to become the best version of you, I highly recommend Traci.  Working under her direction and instruction, I have become a person who is more aware, more open and more understanding of my path.  My work with Traci has led me to look inward like never before!  By defining my life goals, writing a Mission Statement and a Life Plan, I have a direction and purpose for ME.

David C. President, Electrical Engineer Company

“I recommend Traci to everyone and anyone.  I think she has the ability to meet you where you are and then gently guide you in a perfectly unique and right direction for you.  Traci does this without judgement and with deep wisdom & intuition.  She is very loving and holds space for you with such integrity and grace.  I have been so impressed with the way she can intuit the deeper patterns of thinking and feeling and weave the connectedness of all the information I have shared with her to allow for a deeper awareness of the bigger picture.”

Lacy F. Clinical Psychologist/Lifestyle Coach

“Working with Traci has allowed me to stay on track and has given me a broader perspective from which to assess my life.  She has helped me to dig deeper to determine what is truly right for me.  It has changed the way in which I relate to the world, for sure.  I have learned to understand the causes and effects of past patterns of self-talk and beliefs in order to free myself from habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve me.  Traci is an excellent listener who guides without judgement.  She is able to focus on being the perfect mirror, allowing me to determine my own way and become enlightened to my own deeper knowing about myself and what I need.  I recommend Traci to anyone who wants and needs lasting change in life.  If you are looking for someone who can offer support in a true, authentic and caring way, she is the right one for the job.  I know I am forever changed!”

Frank A. Senior Director, Solar Systems Company

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My clients are those who are willing and ready to invest in the process of defining and taking action on their personal value proposition in order to increase the quality of their performance, their outcomes and their lives.

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