A Unique, Group-Centered Learning Opportunity

Focused on 6 Visionary Core Principle Modules to help you perform at your best as a visionary leader.

A Unique, Group-Centered Learning Opportunity

Focused on 6 Visionary Core Principle Modules to help you perform at your best as a visionary leader.

Build Awareness of Who You Are to Make Your Greatest Impact!

My inaugural book, Looking In, provides guidance for today’s leader who wants to experience deeper self-awareness and confidence to catalyze their true value, purpose and potency.

Develop As A Leader. Grow As A Person. Solidify Your Legacy.

Discover a unique process that defines language pattern markers and identifies areas for targeted improvement in both your work and personal life.

Complimentary Discovery Session

Learn about my offerings, and the process that can help you with your intentions and goals.

Leadership Development Coaching

Develop your core skills as a leader with my unique approach.

About Us

Leave behind a greater legacy.

Develop as a leader. Grow as a person. Catalyze Your Visionary POTENTial.

My mission to help top-performing executives and entrepreneurs, like you, uncover your true potential as a visionary leader. Our work together will allow you to…

✓ Define the WHAT, HOW & WHY that makes you uniquely valuable
✓ Identify and communicate your visions, mission and purpose
✓ Own your premier leadership positioning to move your company and industry forward
✓ Empower your team to execute on your visions and thrive
✓ Create power and alignment between your visions, actions and outcomes

As a visionary leader, your purpose is to innovate and improve the world through out-of-the-box thinking and your unique combination of skill sets and gifts. People are intrigued and follow you because you break the mold, but they may be challenged to keep up and execute on your expectations.  The challenge is, you rely on others to carry out your visions, because the day-to-day details aren’t in your scope of focus.
What you ARE focused on is being an agent of change.  I help you to BE that without having to rely on willpower, power plays, and doing it all to feel valuable, productive and secure in who you are and the value of what you offer.


My Services And Programs

I use a unique process that defines language patterns and the way you are naturally designed to create and engage, coupled with a focus on developing your three levels of intelligence – head, heart and gut. The work helps identify areas for targeted improvement in both the professional and personal sectors of your life. I can introduce you to specific ways to show up and deliver your value by guiding you through purpose-driven exercises and offering tools and resources to support you. We will work together to gain a new level of clarity and awareness, allowing us to determine your true directives and how you can best achieve them.

Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership Development Coaching

When you’re ready to discover your true potential, gain clarity, and enhance your awareness, look to me, Traci Philips, the Innate Coach.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Analyze critically, articulate with strategy and lead with confidence.

Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership Communication Skills

Become less reactionary and more proactive by redefining your communication.

Leadership Performance Skills

Leadership Performance  Skills

Change your thinking, approach, and outcomes for sustainable change that’s empowering and long-lasting.


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Leadership Coach to some of
The Triangle’s Top 50

“Traci has a ‘way’ about her. Straightforward with a phenomenal positive personality and unparalleled communication skills.

I had immediate results from my very first session with her and each session thereafter. She doesn’t just listen to me, she truly hears me, and I feel more aware as she focuses me toward being INTENTIONAL in seeing/projecting MY VALUE. I have hired Traci to coach my staff, as well. She handles all facets of personality types with ease, and after each engagement we all walk away with useful tools for our toolbox. Working with Traci has been the best decision I’ve made personally and professionally.”

Heather O’Donnell, VP of Operations and Planning, Strata Clean Energy

“Traci is a ‘gift’ to the world; a humble, yet confident expert in the field of Life Design! Her discipline and ability to be present in the moment is rare. She truly listens and seeks to understand. She has an amazing heart for people, and she met me right where I was, stuck! Traci has taught me how to create more certainty and intentionality within myself and apply it to what I am called to do and who I am supposed to serve. Traci has a unique ability to draw out your values and purpose, and she has helped me to define and align them with my choices and actions. If you are seeking your true direction and purpose in life, I recommend Traci. She will help you discover and take ownership of the role and contribution you are to make in the world as a leader.”

Ryan Ray, President and CEO, Jobs for Life


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