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Hacking Life

There are many meanings for the word hack. Generally, however, it means to “cut into” or “gain irregular access to.” Some uses of the word are “positive,” others “negative,” but either way, the practice of hacking has gained a name for itself on the public stage. We are cautioned to protect our technology from cyber […]


Is Being Useful All There Is?

Recently, a connection on LinkedIn posted an article entitled “In 4 Words, Will Smith Outlines the Secret to True Happiness in Life.” I love Will Smith, so I read it. Those four words alluded to in the title? “Being useful to others.” Smith talked about how he has been fortunate to experience the markers of […]

Service vs Servitude

This is the time of the year we often find ourselves looking back at what we have experienced, done and accomplished in order to assess both where we are and to plan for where we are going. Lately, one of the discussions I’ve been having with clients, especially due to the nature of the holidays, […]

The Lesson of Self Love

As a woman, it’s interesting to look out at the world today and see how much it has changed since the times my grandmothers and mother were growing up. Yet, what I also see are a lot of the same issues around identity, capabilities and treatment that, I feel, have been within our experience … […]

How True Is Your Word?

Words. A new study sites that the average woman uses 20,000 words a day, while the average man comes in at approximately 7,000 words. The point here is not to dive into the reason for the number of words utilized by each gender, but to point out that words hold a tremendously important value in […]

Extreme Self Care During Times of Change

One of the main focuses of my work is patterns. They are the only thing in life that is unchanging, and today, it feels like everything is changing. I first developed my interest in patterns during a two-year program that I took as an undergraduate. Western Civilization showed me that over the course of history, […]