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Ground In to Level Up

One of the things I enjoy about my work is the ability to speak with enough people about the foundational shifts going on in their lives to see collective patterns and trends that run through each of their stories. A big one that has been influencing my work a lot over the past six months […]


Risky Business

In life, simply put, you have to take risks. There’s simply no way around it. Without the ability to embrace what risks bring, growth and development are much more challenging. Risk Management, whether in business or life, is about accepting, understanding, evaluating and dealing with risk in order to, as much as possible, assure that […]


Hacking Life

There are many meanings for the word hack. Generally, however, it means to “cut into” or “gain irregular access to.” Some uses of the word are “positive,” others “negative,” but either way, the practice of hacking has gained a name for itself on the public stage. We are cautioned to protect our technology from cyber […]


Is Being Useful All There Is?

Recently, a connection on LinkedIn posted an article entitled “In 4 Words, Will Smith Outlines the Secret to True Happiness in Life.” I love Will Smith, so I read it. Those four words alluded to in the title? “Being useful to others.” Smith talked about how he has been fortunate to experience the markers of […]

Service vs Servitude

This is the time of the year we often find ourselves looking back at what we have experienced, done and accomplished in order to assess both where we are and to plan for where we are going. Lately, one of the discussions I’ve been having with clients, especially due to the nature of the holidays, […]