What is leadership & performance coaching?

True leadership is about making the decisions and taking action that is in alignment and integrity, first, with who and what you are as a unique and individual person.  In other words, to learn to effectively lead others, you must learn to do this for yourself. For many reasons, this can be challenging, and having someone who is skilled at helping you get a bird’s eye view of your situation, as well as teaching you valuable tools to intentionally create what it is that you desire is key.  Performance is about the level, standard and efficacy by which we act and produce.  Here, it is important to have someone who can see your greatest potential, move you towards it and hold you accountable to your own approach and best practice.

What is your strategy/coaching approach with clients and how does this benefit them?

My coaching is first and foremost about listening to my clients.  It’s not only what they say, but how they say it that helps me to distinguish patterns of thought, behavior and outcomes. I organize these patterns and use them to educate the client about their own (often hidden) core strengths and weaknesses. From here, I help my clients to discover how to effectively use both their strengths and weaknesses to identify and define their value, passions and purpose to determine what truly drives them and what holds them back from performing powerfully and experiencing the level of success that they desire.

Throughout my programs, I provide guidance, support, accountability, tools and feedback.  My clients experience much higher levels of personal fulfillment and professional success after completing my programs, and many began an initial program and remain with me due to the overall improvement that they experience in their thinking, approach and outcomes.  Most importantly, I am looking to help empower my clients to develop a lasting and sustainable level of being that brings them the most success, fulfillment and purpose available to them in all areas of life.

What is your background?

I hold an MA in Curriculum & Instruction and am a trained and certified coach.  I was an educator for 15 years prior to coaching, which I have been doing since 2012.

What can I expect in a typical strategy/coaching session?

All of my individual client sessions last 60 minutes.  For group or team trainings, we will work differently depending on the needs of the group or team.  At the beginning of a program, the client determines his/her top 3 goals, or what I prefer to call intentions.  From here, we begin looking at patterns, defining value, passions, purpose and developing a “plan” that outlines what clients are looking to design for themselves.  We also spend a lot of time clearly detailing attitude, approach, method and the concept of legacy.  I am constantly helping my clients to feed the present experience into the higher, wider view of the ultimate landscape they are looking to create.  This allows them to work from the personal to the collective impact that they wish to have in all areas of life.

How is your work different from traditional therapies?

Coaching and therapies, such as counseling, psychology and psychiatry are founded on different principles. Understanding that each professional works differently, traditional therapies tend to focus on the impact of past emotional experiences, while coaching approaches clients as whole and healthy individuals who are looking for a shift in belief, mindset and approach. Coaching looks at present circumstances with an eye on where a client wants to be, and how to most efficiently and effectively get there. I view coaching as action-oriented; a practice of moving the dial in one’s life.

Who do you work with?

I work primarily with go-getter personalities who strive for a high level of performance and achievement with a deep desire to make a positive impact as leaders and models in their industries, communities and personal lives.

Many of my clients are successful C-Suite executives who are developing a new approach or are looking to increase their overall performance and outcomes.  I also work with busy entrepreneurs who are developing an understanding of their authentic value, approach and the environments they want to be in for the purpose of growing their leadership skills, their businesses and their personal lives.

Of course, even if you aren’t a professional who is in a higher leadership position, if you are someone who wants to live your life fully and as powerfully as you possibly can, you are certainly a person with whom I would enjoy speaking.

Is your service covered by insurance?

No, my services are not covered by insurance.