Build Awareness of Who You Are to Make Your Greatest Impact!

My inaugural book, Looking In, provides guidance for today’s leader who wants to experience deeper self-awareness and confidence to catalyze their true value, purpose and potency.

Here is a brief look at what you will learn from Looking In:

  • A detailed explanation of The Three Zones that impact how you live, lead, and perform.
  • How to uncover and define each of these zones to help you determine your truest value.
  • How to recognize and translate patterns in thought, emotion, language, and behavior that can lead to successful and unsuccessful outcomes.
  • And so much more …
Traci Philips, the Innate Coach


What My Clients Say

“If you’re a leader, or a ‘wanna be’ leader for this emerging NEW WORLD, Traci Philips’ book Looking In is a must read. She shares a wealth of wisdom, reflective practices and impactful stories that can shift your life — personally and professionally. Part of her genius is the succinct and empowering ways in which she delivers her decades of knowledge — updated of course to lead us forward with the skill sets to become creators, thriving beyond outdated systems and paradigms.

Gail Kauranen Jones
Transitions Expert, Worthiness Coach, Author and Teacher

“I had come to a very challenging place in the life of my business. I’d grown as far as I could alone. I knew I needed to do something– to change somehow, but I had no idea how. I had the incredibly good fortune to meet Traci Philips, who is gifted with the ability to see what a visionary CEO needs to do to grow. With efficiency and alacrity, Traci helped me understand and take the steps needed to catapult my business to the next level.”

Jennifer R.
(Google reviewer)

I have helped countless corporate and business professionals consciously and successfully lead and communicate while staying true to who they are.

Buy my new book today and learn how to realize your mission and greatness.