Understanding the Importance of Wading

"It's been like wading in the water," my friend said to me. "More than just dipping your feet in, but not completely immersed, swimming or diving in either.  Just wading . . . hanging out, taking in the newness of the experience, letting it…

The Reward of Patience

We have often heard that patience is a virtue, and yet, there isn't much out there in the world that teaches and models what it looks like to practice and attain this virtue for ourselves. This is one of the reasons why we have to pay attention…

Believe in the Basics

The past few weeks have been a very interesting time for me. On the one hand, like you, probably, I've been wrapping up the end of the summer and those last "let's squeeze this in" plans that go along with trying to make the most of the final moments of vacation time. On the other hand, there has been the preparation for my daughter's new school year (not to mention a total redecoration of her room at home!) and a focus on business projects and work that I have to organize for upcoming events and looming deadlines.

Simple, Daily Structure for Sustainable Success

If you are familiar with the teachings of relationship coach, Mel Robbins, then you know what she says about the way most people get into a routine. The majority of individuals, says Robbins, unconsciously allow for their routines by going on autopilot.

The Art of Showing Up

A couple of days ago, I was contacted by a family friend who needed to chat about something going on in his life. “How’s Saturday morning for you?” he texted.

The Truth of Truth-Telling

From a very early age, we are told to tell the truth.  Yet, I find it's very interesting to see how many mixed messages we give around this practice.

Feeding & Being Fed

I was listening to a woman, the other day, talking about a certain variety of lily and how it cannot take root and bloom until parasites come and eat holes in its stem. Okay, you cannot tell me this kind of stuff isn't interesting.  Fascinating, really!

Do You Know Your Value & What You Need To Be Valuable?

Many people I speak with are coming into a time where they are questioning why and how they have found themselves repeating various patterns throughout their lives.

The Power of Presence

I think most of us know what it means to be present, but many inquire about the most effective strategies for practicing presence . . . how to approach and sustain a state of being present.