Feeding & Being Fed

I was listening to a woman, the other day, talking about a certain variety of lily and how it cannot take root and bloom until parasites come and eat holes in its stem. Okay, you cannot tell me this kind of stuff isn't interesting.  Fascinating, really!

Do You Know Your Value & What You Need To Be Valuable?

Many people I speak with are coming into a time where they are questioning why and how they have found themselves repeating various patterns throughout their lives.

The Power of Presence

I think most of us know what it means to be present, but many inquire about the most effective strategies for practicing presence . . . how to approach and sustain a state of being present.

Celebrating the Heart

A few years ago, I was doing a talk and a man approached me to discuss coaching.  Apparently, he had done his homework; checked out my website, my credentials and client testimonials.  He told me he was impressed with my work. "I'd…

Making Resolutions That Stick!

A couple of days ago, I was asked to co-facilitate a group training on setting & attending to yearly goals. It got me thinking that, perhaps, it would be good to get something out about resolutions. Seeing how we are now in January, let's take a look at this time honored tradition of New Year's Resolutions.
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Giving Thanks Is Good, But It's Honor That We Need

I look out over the beautiful acreage that is my backyard, and I am reminded that this was once sacred ground to the Native Americans. There is a reason one of the roads in our community is named Arrowhead Loop. As we know, this entire country was once the exclusive home to these native people.

Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Being responsible for our lives takes on so many faces. Some we can easily look at and attend to, others are more uncomfortable. Taking responsibility for making the choices that will best support our efforts towards our intended outcomes can be very tricky. The head and the heart aren't always speaking the same language, so we have to be the leader and determine how we will use the feedback we receive from each.

What Breeds Value in Your Life?

Think about the most challenging times in your life. Did they teach you valuable lessons that added texture and dimension to you as a person? Did they allow you to gain experience, perspective and understanding? Would you say this was valuable?

What We Value & Believe = What We Create & Experience

A client recently shared with me a survival story about Sir Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton was a polar explorer who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic in the early 1900’s. He was considered one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.