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These one-hour phone sessions are designed to give the potential client the time to share what they are looking to receive as far as support and for us to get to know each other and build rapport. The sessions also provide the client an opportunity to receive feedback around basic patterns, beliefs and core wounds that I hear in their language/story that point to areas where the client may be affected and limited from performing at their best. At the conclusion of the session, I am able to go over my offerings and answer any questions that the client may have, in addition to supplying any resources or pertinent information that can help the client with their intentions and goals.

“When we are afraid, we tend to cling to what is comfortable, what is known. When we have the courage to look the challenge in the eye and see the opportunity to learn something new, to do something different … we GROW. We BENEFIT. We become POWERFUL.

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Complimentary Discovery Session