My Process.

Since first entering the field of health and wellness in 2004 and strategic performance coaching in 2012, I have been on a quest for answers to common imbalances that have riddled our culture.  What I have developed through my work is a strong belief that the key to individual betterment and the ability to thrive is within each person.  We know everything we need to know to reach a state of balance.  We just need to learn how to listen and understand what our inner voice is saying.

Since each of us cannot discover the solution with the same mindset that created the problem, shifting our perspective is necessary to illuminate what needs to be seen.

I work with my clients to embrace the concept that our reality is merely our perception of what we are experiencing, and that this is reliant on our perspective. Shifting our own perspective is very challenging since we cannot have a bird’s eye-view of our own life.

My Corporate Leadership Coaching Offers that Bird’s Eye-View.

My process involves defining language pattern markers through self-discovery sessions in which the client and I talk about areas targeted for improvement in their lives.  This includes work and personal life goals and intentions.  I offer tools, considerations and purpose-driven exercises to assess what we are looking at for clarity and awareness and in order to determine where to go from there.  In my work, definition is key.  When we are able to put something into clear, concise language, it is easier for us to understand, utilize and create intentional outcomes with what we have.

My desire is for my clients to come away with a deep understanding of who they are, what they offer and how they can best serve with what they have to give.  The road to self empowerment is incremental, so patience, persistence and a desire to create an authentic road map is crucial.

The outcome is a life filled with more joy, fulfillment and peace.

“My focus is on leading my clients through an authentic process of intellectual and emotional problem-solving and solution -finding in order to create a more intentional, healthy and purpose-driven life.