Simple, Daily Structure for Sustainable Success

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If you are familiar with the teachings of relationship coach, Mel Robbins, then you know what she says about the way most people get into a routine.

The majority of individuals, says Robbins, unconsciously allow for their routines by going on autopilot.

We end up doing things the same way over and over again because we don’t take the time and effort to be intentional in our choices.  Rather than thinking about, weighing, deciding and acting upon what we really want, we just settle for what is comfortable and available.

So, here’s the thing, we didn’t come to this life to do the same things over and over.  We came here to experience change and grow!

There are many issues with being on autopilot when it comes to our daily existence.  Autopilot puts us at the mercy of the outside world and keeps us in reaction mode.

Each and every day, we have the chance to begin with reflection and intention, yet statistics show that 60% of Americans wake up and check their phones as the first action of the day.  The percentage goes up if we add in all other forms of technology.

So, what happens when we allow the habit of tapping into the outside world before we tap into our inner world?

We get hijacked.

What we hear, read, see and otherwise get from “out there” will immediately inform what we feel, think and react to “in here.” 

And I’m telling you, it’s much more difficult to pull ourselves back once we’ve been abducted by the needs, opinions, fears, directives and control of the outside world.

I mention this because we are in a great time of the year to reroute.

As we say good-bye to the more expansive and unstructured months of summer and prepare for the more ordered and disciplined months of autumn, it allows the opportunity to consider our habits and take stock of what’s serving us and what is not.

One of my personal powerhouse practices (okay, didn’t plan the alliteration!) is my daily morning routine.  Without fail, I wake up and perform these 5 steps before allowing anything else (save an emergency) to take my attention.

Play With Power, Serve With Strength Daily Routine

Power Play #1 – Get oxygen to your brain – It feeds it!

  • Physical movement/ Breathing exercises
  • Focus on what will create deep, diaphragmatic breathing

Power Play #2 – Have Breakfast – It feeds your body (and brain)!

  • Focus on low carb, protein dense meal
  • Can be fast, but should be nutrient dense
  • Decreases stress due to hunger (even if you cannot feel it!)

Power Play #3 – Read Something Inspiring – It feeds your intellect and heart connection!

  • Mix it up for variety (spiritual, informational, educational, etc)
  • Focus on interests and things about which you want to know
  • Stimulates the thinking part of our brain to support learning and growing

Power Play #4 – Journal/Write Out What’s In Your Head – It feeds your intentional focus!

  • Write out your intentions for the day
  • Gets things out of your head and down where you can work with them – organizing, connecting, reevaluating

Power Play #5 – Meditation/Mindfulness – It feeds your spirit!

  • Calms the system and grounds you
  • Creates the ability to tap into internal wisdom and internally “connect the dots”
  • Helpful in achieving a state of presence
  • Take the opportunity to ask for support and guidance from the higher power in your life

Research shows that most powerful, prominent and successful people follow some version of this routine.  It’s best to do these things before anything else in the day.  Create your own habits around it, and see how it really can change your life!

For me, following these 5 simple steps has allowed me to take more intentional, authentic action and make conscious choices about how I show up and where I choose to invest my energy.  It keeps me away from the lure of autopilot and more engaged in the life I want to be creating.

So, I hope you challenge yourself to try this daily routine.  In as little as 5 minutes for each step (that’s 15 mere minutes total!), you can begin to change the course of your day and, by degree, your life.