The Mess Didn't Make Itself

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I was reading the article, Empathy for the Detestable, Compassion for the Callous by Philip Goldberg, and it got me thinking.

If we look at history as far back as we can, we will see the biggest issues of the time reflected in the culture.

True to form, we can certainly see this if we look at our current political world, our health care system, our educational system and the many other systems that make up the environment in which we find ourselves here in the US.

Additionally, we hear a lot of negative view points about these systems, but do we see that what we are experiencing is here to teach us something?  Are we using the “mess” as a tool to see the larger, more insidious issues?  And what are we doing about what we find?

If we don’t like something, well, guess what? We are staring right into the shadow side of our current cultural existence. It won’t change things to throw hate and judgment at it, no matter how we feel. What we need to do is take a good, long look and determine what we need to begin to shift to improve it . . . to change course and learn from what we have collectively created.

Each of us holds this responsibility. How we view it, approach it and act upon it will determine which way we all go.

After all, we are in this together, and we cannot rely on one man or woman in a high ranking appointed office to make these broad stroke changes for us. That just hasn’t worked . . . for so many reasons . . . nor will it, ever.

So, it’s time to choose wisely and with an eye not only on what we want, but on what would serve the greater good.

Believe it or not, we DO inherently know what this is.

And if you are at a loss and don’t know where to begin . . . give me a call.