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6 Months — 12 Sessions — $2,024

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 p.m. ET

Open to 10 Visionary Leaders who are looking for a group coaching and accountability approach to increase their impact and decrease their limitations in order to make big change happen in their personal and professional lives. All participants will be learning about their innate gifts and what truly drives them and must be ready to embrace change, step outside their comfort zone and get real about who they are and what makes them tick.

Visionaries are a unique breed.  With a 40,000 foot view of most things, you see the world through the lens of ultimate potential and are easily excited and inspired by new and innovative ideas and solutions.

You easily envision what others struggle to see, and you often get caught up “doing it all” or feeling you have to “shut things out” or shut yourself down in order to set boundaries.  All of this can leave you looking and feeling like a distracted squirrel going in too many directions, challenged in executing effectively and showing up fully for anything.

Igniting Visionaries Mastermind™ is designed to help support both the gifts and visions that you have, as well as offer the tools, strategies and perspectives necessary to meet the challenges you face as a visionary leader.

I believe Visionaries are some of our most precious resources. I also see that
IT'S TIME for Visionaries to truly IGNITE! Right now is when you are meant to design and create alternatives for the old, well-established systems, perspectives and ways of doing things that are no longer viable.

The world needs what will replace these outdated methods and offerings, and visionaries hold the solutions.

But you cannot achieve this in “squirrel mode.”  You must put your oxygen mask on, first, and create a firm foundation from which to build and serve.


  • A supportive, open forum consisting of fellow visionaries.
  • Structured and intentional virtual sessions designed to offer a place to share, learn and be held accountable to the actionable intentions and goals that you will be defining and to which you will be committing yourself.
  • 6 Modules consisting of core focus material, group exercises and tried and proven tips, methods and strategies developed over the past 10 years of coaching with clients just like you. Everything you will be learning has been designed for visionaries by a visionary to help you capitalize on your greatest value and to overcome common visionary challenges.
  • The “life boat” project: your opportunity to discover and design that specific “thing” you want to create in your life/business and to which you want to invite others to participate.
  • An experience that will leave you with a clear understanding of your visionary capacity and value, and will offer an opportunity to develop relationships with other like-minded visionaries.

If you are looking to 2024 as your year for exponential growth and impact, sign up today to secure your place in our next group starting January 9, 2024

Traci Philips, the Innate Coach


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