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When I was in college, there was a required 2-year course called Western Civilization. It was a holistic and very thorough study of the history of civilization from Mesopotamia to the current day (at that time, the late 1980’s) The course was rigorous and took up a good chunk of our weekly schedule, so you can imagine after 2 years, students were DONE with it.  At the end, the ritual was to have DONE WITH CIV parties.  These included the destruction of books, notes and most of the time a lot of drinking.  Not too surprisingly, I loved the course, kept all my notes and, to this day, think it was one of the best things I was “forced” to do – but that’s the topic for another post, entitled Counter Culture!

The question here is, what are you done with in your life?  What can you just not tolerate one more minute?  Where are you very uncomfortably stuck?

Are you absolutely over the struggle of not getting what you want?  Are you done with settling for less than you deserve and need to feel fulfilled?  Are you fed up with making promises and not keeping them?  What is it?

What this question really boils down to is what needs in your life are not being met in healthy, productive ways?

So, let’s take a minute (or ten) to really consider this.

Got it?

Now that you have identified a real trigger, consider how it is currently showing up in your life. The key is to think about it in terms of your part.  Where are you holding yourself back?

For example, if your “biggy” is I am struggling with my own self care, you might see this show up in your health, energy level and/or attitude towards others.

As Brene Brown says, this identified trigger is your ROCK, and now is the time for you to address it and work to get out from underneath it.

So, what will it take?  What will you need to be and do for this to happen?  Do you need to begin speaking your truth, being more vulnerable, trusting your instincts, stop doing for others and let them do for themselves (leaving you to do for yourself) . . .what?

Make yourself a list, based on the areas where you see this issue showing up, and in the next month’s time, make the COMMITTED CHOICE to get out from under your rock!

I want to go on the record as saying that nothing on your GET OUT FROM UNDER MY ROCK “to do” list should be easy for you.  Everything there should be challenging, otherwise, it doesn’t belong.  Why?  Well, because if any of this were easy, there wouldn’t be that rock flat on top of you to begin with.

Believe it or not, as humans, our greatest moments, when we feel most alive, are when we are daring greatly. Challenging ourselves to grow and be what we know we can be is one of the main reasons we are here.  There is such a thing as being too comfortable.  If you are feeling the pressure of that rock, well, you may be too comfortable in your choices, actions and perspectives.  Where are you playing safe & small?

Of course, to be honest, I have recently become aware of a big rock in my own life, otherwise, let’s face it, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post.  But, I have done enough of this work to know that this rock is a gift.  This awareness is a blessing and opportunity, if I choose to take it, to grow!

So, I’ve identified my rock and have my list . . .will you commit to yours or are you comfortable talking up residence under that rock?

The choice is yours!