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I believe the ability to thrive already lies within each person.

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in me and my work.

Before we get started, I want to tell you a little more about me. I’m an executive leadership and performance coach and trusted adviser to top-tier visionary entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. I support business leaders, like you, by creating solution-based strategies that solve personal and work-related challenges.

My brand of coaching directly reflects my genealogy.

My mother grew up on land in Colorado where wild horses roamed freely.
Her uncles were ranchers; businessmen trained to capture these horses, break them and sell them for profit. My mother grew up to work with the ones that could not be broken. She was what they call a Horse Whisperer.

Without laying a hand on them, my mother knew how to build trust, rapport and connection with these bright, fearless and spirited animals. She innately understood their language and needs, and she supported them to realize they didn’t have to lose what they were to be in relationship with humans.

My mother showed these wild horses that there was another way. She listened, respected and honored the uniqueness and value that they held within them. In turn, she gained their trust, respect and love.

She helped these wild animals find a cooperative way of living and working with people where what they offered could be valuable and valued. She set them free in the world of people. A world that needed them and from which they learned to benefit, as well.

I guess you could say, I am a second generation whisperer. A visionary whisperer.

I often refer to visionaries as wild horses.

  • Strong,
  • Independent
  • Untamed by the ways of the world.

Individuals who cannot be broken to conform to following the leader and doing as others do.

Visionaries are free and original thinkers. Their greatest value is in their ingenuity, and their greatest challenge is to BE unconventional while operating successfully in a world of convention. A world that NEEDS what visionaries have to give.

I, like my mother, innately understand and know how to catalyze and work with non-conformists.

Visionaries have unique needs and methods, and they simply cannot operate in the world the way others do and retain the value they came to offer.

My coaching style also reflects my background in education, as well as my experience as a transformational curriculum facilitator. During my time mentoring male industry leaders incarcerated in Federal Prison, I learned first hand about high-stakes leadership and the cost of bad decision-making. Helping these men understand the effect of their beliefs, mindset and communications, as well as their true brilliance and capacity became a passion that helped launch my mission to assist high-impact visionary leaders to perform at their best.

The truth is, we’re all incarcerated in the limited stories that we play out in our own lives. For visionaries, these limitations are especially threatening, confining their greatest value and dampening their influence and legacy.

Over the last decade as a coach, I’ve developed a strong belief that the key to individual betterment and the ability to thrive is within each person. You already know what you need to reach a state of balance – you simply get to learn how to listen and understand what that inner voice is telling you.

My role is to help you learn and practice better communication and resolution strategies to create a more cohesive and cooperative experience and environment both at work and at home. This stems from my passion for helping my clients define their personal value to have greater awareness about who they are, how they want to create impact, and where they want to go, both professionally and personally.

The road to self-ownership is incremental, and having someone who understands your needs as a visionary can be the difference between being successful and having both success and fulfillment. I’d love to have the opportunity to support you to experience the life you came to live and lead.