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A Note From Traci

I feel truly blessed to be able to support and work with my clients in the capacity that I do. I have the opportunity to witness the amazing process of a person bringing himself/herself into the world in a more aligned and authentic way so that the value the person has to offer and create can come forward, fully. It is a wonder and a true honor to hold this unique position in the lives of each and every one of my clients.
– Traci Philips

What My Clients Say

I have been working with Traci Philips since 2018 and have experienced so much growth both personally and professionally due to her leadership coaching services. Over the last 5 years, she’s been much like a sherpa helping me navigate the mountains of life–guiding but not pulling or pushing; just sharing her light to help me on my journey to find my authentic self. She has never rushed me along this journey and always meets me where I am. She has helped me pull back layer after layer to find the true essence of “me” and through this process, I have been able to achieve the confidence needed to be who the world needs me to be. All aspects of my life have improved since working with Traci and I have never felt more aligned with my core values. If you are a hidden leader who wants guidance on the road to becoming the best version of yourself, I highly recommend Traci Philips as your leadership coach.

– Michelle Ketchum, Founder & CEO, Acorn & Oak Property Management

Traci has a ‘way’ about her. Straight-forward with a phenomenal positive personality and unparalleled communication skills. I had immediate results from my very first session with her and each session thereafter. She doesn’t just listen to me, she truly hears me, and I feel more aware as she focuses me toward being INTENTIONAL in seeing/projecting MY VALUE. I have hired Traci to coach my staff, as well. She handles all facets of personality types with ease, and after each engagement we all walk away with useful tools for our toolbox. Working with Traci has been the best decision I’ve made personally and professionally.

– Heather O’Donnell, VP of Operations and Planning, Strata Clean Energy

Traci is a ‘gift’ to the world; a humble, yet confident expert in the field of Life Design! Her discipline and ability to be present in the moment is rare. She truly listens and seeks to understand. She has an amazing heart for people, and she met me right where I was, stuck! Traci has taught me how to create more certainty and intentionality within myself and apply it to what I am called to do and who I am supposed to serve. Traci has a unique ability to draw out your values and purpose, and she has helped me to define and align them with my choices and actions. If you are seeking your true direction and purpose in life, I recommend Traci. She will help you discover and take ownership of the role and contribution you are to make in the world as a leader.”

– Ryan Ray, President and CEO, Jobs for Life

“Working with Traci has allowed me to stay on track and has given me a broader perspective from which to assess my life. She has helped me to dig deeper to determine what is truly right for me. It has changed the way in which I relate to the world, for sure. I have learned to understand the causes and effects of past patterns of self-talk and beliefs in order to free myself from habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve me. Traci is an excellent listener who guides without judgement. She is able to focus on being the perfect mirror, allowing me to determine my own way and become enlightened to my own deeper knowing about myself and what I need. I recommend Traci to anyone who wants and needs lasting change in life. If you are looking for someone who can offer support in a true, authentic and caring way, she is the right one for the job. I know I am forever changed!”

– Frank Apodaca Jr, Senior Director HSE & MV, Carolina Solar Services

“By working with Traci, I truly realized that I needed to make a shift in my belief systems. She helped me to re-focus my initial goals, and listened to my challenges and needs, interpreting back to me through my own language how my thoughts and approaches were what was standing in the way of what I wanted. Traci provided invaluable resources, geared towards my individual needs, and she offered just the right guidance, patience and encouragement to meet me where I was and allow me to feel successful at each step of the journey with her. I definitely have a more healthy relationship with myself and have learned to honor what I need in all areas of my life. Traci has helped me to recognize and accept my emotions and feel more strength and power from working through them. She is quite intuitive, open, honest, enthusiastic, gentle, generous and very dependable. I absolutely recommend Traci to anyone looking for help to shift their perspective or something that they feel stuck on in their life, and who is willing to invest the time and energy into themselves. I owe so much to Traci, that it would be impossible to put it all down here, but I am thankful that I entrusted this work to her and that I took the step to do this for myself.”

– Christine Maurer, Engineering Manager, Advanced Energy

Traci has been a solid part of my support system over the past year while I transitioned into a new career, moved homes, while raising 3 teenage boys – one heading off to college soon, a freshman and 7th grader. All these could be creating chaos, but what Traci did was help to listen and guide, not direct, but guide me to consider things differently. As a result, my perception has shifted tremendously on the role that we play in modeling for our kids. I have also gained significantly more confidence both professionally and personally. What I love best, is that I come with my agenda and Traci listens for patterns that tell her what’s behind my story that I can’t always see. Even when I bring up the same road block in a different way, she reminds me of what the challenge that it is presenting to me and what I’m to learn about it. Consequently, I feel on top of the world and looking forward to giving back and providing tremendous value to my peers and loved ones. As she models, what she teaches, you first have to know what you want or have to offer in order to best share with others. Do yourself and your family a favor and take time to meet Traci and get in alignment. There is a lot waiting for you out there to enjoy!

– Nicole Galiger, Business Development & Sales, Acorn & Oak Property Management

During my lifetime, I have worked with many coaches. I have never worked with anyone like Traci. She does things a lot differently. She worked with me to uncover my authentic value I bring to the world. I never thought about my life and work in such a way. She also had me look at how I was spending my time and with whom I was spending it – and where do I want to focus my attention based on my value. Working with Traci has been an eye-opening experience and I am continuing to learn new things about myself and how I show up in the world. I highly recommend working with Traci to uncover your true value in order to live a fully expressed life.

– Mia LaMotte, Executive Branding & Image Coach, Mia LaMotte Image Consulting & Personal Branding

I’ve worked before with professional coaches specific to functions relating to roles I’ve held. Working with Traci is a highly effective experience that I find is moving me to operate on a different level. I believe she’s able to do this for me and her clients for 3 reasons.

First, Traci is an extraordinary listener. She extracts personal themes and patterns, holds them up, and provides a space to understand what is behind them. Her process (not at all cookie cutter) is powerful. In a relatively short time period, our work has positively impacted my day to day life and my relationships in meaningful ways.

Second, Traci is knowledgeable. She brings breadth and depth to each conversation, and I find the time I invest both in our discussions and outside work to be consistently worthwhile. I’m astounded at how helpful the materials and suggestions she makes are. Traci is a professional. Like all professionals, she understands timeliness and what is appropriate for when to help augment a particular topic.

Third, Traci understands men in leadership roles. She’s keenly aware of the unique challenges we face professionally and personally. Our interactions have raised my personal game. Those around me at work and home are also directly benefiting from the work I am doing with Traci. While I may not have mastered many of the approaches she’s shared, the attempts I have made have already created a huge impact.

If you’ve decided to work with a coach, congratulations! If you choose Traci and are open to her process, be prepared to stride faster and farther than you thought possible.

– Michael Schumann, CRO, Concivi Growth

Traci is amazing. Her command of language and its use is phenomenal, and she is able to dig deep into the meaning and/or background of your words to find underlying stigmas that you may not even realize yourself. Working with her is very eye opening, and sometimes uncomfortable (let’s be honest…facing your issues is tough), but she also does a fantastic job of encouraging and celebrating you when milestones are achieved.

I have made so many strides in my personal and professional lives since working with Traci, and working with her has been a true joy.

– Brian Scott, Founder & CEO, Aggie Technologies

As a licensed real estate broker and property manager, I hired Traci to be my coach and help me stabilize and grow my business. I worked with Traci for nearly 3yrs (2018-2021), and during that time my rental portfolio tripled in size, growing from 100+ units to 317 total units. She also helped me gain the confidence and strategic relationships that I needed in order follow my dreams, and ultimately leave my last firm and start my own company. With her guidance, connections and overall support, my company, Highland Property Management, has gained 377 new rental units in less than 14 months, 62 new clients, and 3 new employees We’re also projected to hit 800+ units by the end of YR2! Every day I wake up and pinch myself, and remember this is all real; I own my very own company! My company! Traci has helped me achieve a phenomenal dream, understand and express my core values, and overall be the best leader and manager for my team. If you’re struggling with work, feeling burnt out, have a vision but no road map, then please reach out to Traci Philips and allow her to guide you back to YOU – your zone of excellence, your inner core, your ultimate destiny.

– Will Spence, Founder & Principle, Highland Property Management

Traci has played a pivotal role in my growth through our 2+ years of working together. She is not only brilliant, but has an innate ability to tap into the real truth and help you discover things about yourself that you hadn’t recognized. She has been a wonderful advisor and truly trusted friend throughout our relationship. I would highly recommend any visionary to connect with her, do a discovery session and then sign on. She literally pulls growth and achievement out of you. I am forever grateful for the time she has spent helping me to grow and for her encouragement and vision.

– Tanya Odom, CEO, Oh, Goodness Fine Portraits

I hired Traci to be the closing speaker at our Annual Conference. From the start, Traci set herself apart from standard speakers, wanting to know the audience, the situation, and what other content was being presented at the conference. From there Traci built a presentation that incorporated many aspects of the conference and brought it to a perfect close. A savvy speaker, she was not phased as her allotted time kept changing – even the day of. I’d recommend Traci as a speaker to any conference.

– Josh Jones, VP of Programs, Raleigh Metro Society for Human Resource Management

Traci is a very unique and talented coach. She supported and challenged my steps that led to exponential growth and profound impact. It quickly became apparent that all our conversations were synchronistically impacting and simultaneously aligning with other aspects of my life which was so inspiring. Truly, Traci’s ‘innate coaching’ abilities are beneficial and crucial in this time of extreme change and upheaval in the world whereupon we’re all having to navigate through extraordinary times.

– Aileen Stapleton, Real Estate Broker, Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty