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A Note From Traci

I feel truly blessed to be able to support and work with my clients in the capacity that I do. I have the opportunity to witness the amazing process of a person bringing himself/herself into the world in a more aligned and authentic way so that the value the person has to offer and create can come forward, fully. It is a wonder and a true honor to hold this unique position in the lives of each and every one of my clients.
-Traci Philips

What My Clients Say

“In working with Traci, I have found her to be intuitive, thoughtful, gracious, curious and open. She really helped me to expand my sense of what nourishment looks like by reminding me that the way I go about nurturing myself is important in all aspects of my life. I think the biggest tangible change I have come away with after working with Traci is that I now, more regularly, ask myself what I want and need, and then make my decisions from that place. Certainly, the biggest significant change I have seen is the relief I feel in not holding myself to the expectations of others, and thus not setting myself up for struggle and disappointment.”

-Sarah S. – Clinical Social Worker

“I have been impressed with Traci’s ability to read between the lines of what I share with her. In my time working with her, I have discovered Traci to be very intuitive and able to help me reconnect with my true self. She has helped me to better understand the underlying issues which were the real reasons behind my habits. I find, now, I am less analytical and less knee-jerk when it comes to my responses to spur of the moment issues that arise in my business and home life. One of my biggest issues was perfectionism, and I can say I am seeing real improvement in myself and my expectations of others in this area. I find now that I look more at the positive outcomes of daily events instead of focusing solely on the negatives and the areas that need ‘fixing.’ I recommend Traci to anyone who has struggled with trying to change personal habits and outcomes in order to reach a goal. She can help you to discover who you really are as a person and what gifts you have to offer to others. She is great at helping you redefine yourself and your ‘why’ so that you can help yourself progress and serve at your greatest capacity.”

-John H. – Certified Personal Trainer

“The most exciting thing I experienced working with Traci was the realization that it’s okay to work towards living an ‘Ideal Life.’ I would describe Traci as enthusiastic, passionate, educated and compassionate. If you are a person looking to take the next steps and are looking for support to become the best version of you, I highly recommend Traci. Working under her direction and instruction, I have become a person who is more aware, more open and more understanding of my path. My work with Traci has led me to look inward like never before! By defining my life goals, writing a Mission Statement and a Life Plan, I have a direction and purpose for ME.

-David C. – President, Electrical Engineer Company

“I recommend Traci to everyone and anyone. I think she has the ability to meet you where you are and then gently guide you in a perfectly unique and right direction for you. Traci does this without judgement and with deep wisdom & intuition. She is very loving and holds space for you with such integrity and grace. I have been so impressed with the way she can intuit the deeper patterns of thinking and feeling and weave the connectedness of all the information I have shared with her to allow for a deeper awareness of the bigger picture.”

-Lacy F. – Clinical Psychologist/Lifestyle Coach

“Working with Traci has allowed me to stay on track and has given me a broader perspective from which to assess my life. She has helped me to dig deeper to determine what is truly right for me. It has changed the way in which I relate to the world, for sure. I have learned to understand the causes and effects of past patterns of self-talk and beliefs in order to free myself from habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve me. Traci is an excellent listener who guides without judgement. She is able to focus on being the perfect mirror, allowing me to determine my own way and become enlightened to my own deeper knowing about myself and what I need. I recommend Traci to anyone who wants and needs lasting change in life. If you are looking for someone who can offer support in a true, authentic and caring way, she is the right one for the job. I know I am forever changed!”

-Frank A. – Senior Director, Solar Systems Company

“Traci is such a wise and experienced teacher. She was able to relate to all of my struggles in ways that were relevant and helpful. Traci has given me the tools and applications that I can use for the rest of my life to ensure I am making authentic choices. I now have a sense of calm and ease with transitions in my life. I was surprised with how easy and carefree my changes were. By the end of my program with Traci, I had not only achieved each goaI I set out to meet, but also gained an understanding and awareness that when I am living according to my internal guidance, everything will be as it should.

I would recommend Traci to anyone who has come to realize they deserve more out of life than what they are currently getting. Coaching is an integral part of success in all aspects of life. It’s okay to ask for help, we are meant to receive it.”

-Angie C. – Realtor

“By working with Traci, I truly realized that I needed to make a shift in my belief systems. She helped me to re-focus my initial goals, and listened to my challenges and needs, interpreting back to me through my own language how my thoughts and approaches were what was standing in the way of what I wanted. Traci provided invaluable resources, geared towards my individual needs, and she offered just the right guidance, patience and encouragement to meet me where I was and allow me to feel successful at each step of the journey with her. I definitely have a more healthy relationship with myself and have learned to honor what I need in all areas of my life. Traci has helped me to recognize and accept my emotions and feel more strength and power from working through them. She is quite intuitive, open, honest, enthusiastic, gentle, generous and very dependable. I absolutely recommend Traci to anyone looking for help to shift their perspective or something that they feel stuck on in their life, and who is willing to invest the time and energy into themselves. I owe so much to Traci, that it would be impossible to put it all down here, but I am thankful that I entrusted this work to her and that I took the step to do this for myself.”

-Christine M. – Energy Engineering Consultant

Traci has been a solid part of my support system over the past year while I transitioned into a new career, moved homes, while raising 3 teenage boys – one heading off to college soon, a freshman and 7th grader. All these could be creating chaos, but what Traci did was help to listen and guide, not direct, but guide me to consider things differently. As a result, my perception has shifted tremendously on the role that we play in modeling for our kids. I have also gained significantly more confidence both professionally and personally. What I love best, is that I come with my agenda and Traci listens for patterns that tell her what’s behind my story that I can’t always see. Even when I bring up the same road block in a different way, she reminds me of what the challenge that it is presenting to me and what I’m to learn about it. Consequently, I feel on top of the world and looking forward to giving back and providing tremendous value to my peers and loved ones. As she models, what she teaches, you first have to know what you want or have to offer in order to best share with others. Do yourself and your family a favor and take time to meet Traci and get in alignment. There is a lot waiting for you out there to enjoy!

– Nicole G. – Property Manager

I have been friends with Traci since 1997, give or take a year. Last year, I took a break from the world of private school education. It was suggested to me, from a wise person, that I contact 5-8 people that I thought could help me find my “next”. I knew right away that Traci would be in that small group of “go to” people.

I reached out to Traci as a friend and quickly became a client working with her over a course of 2 months. During our time together as friend/client, I was guided on a path to rediscover who I was and what I stood for as a person and a professional. Traci helped me re-find my purpose, my value. She never judged; she never spoke for me; and she never wavered from guiding.

I feel an inner sense of calm because of the work I did with Traci, and I am ready for the next big adventure.

– Karla L. – Founder/Director, Education Consulting Firm

I am writing this review only after having taken the time to really observe and use The Innate Coach, the fabulous Traci Philips, for myself over an extended period.

First and foremost, Traci has a ‘way’ about her. A phenomenal positive personality coupled with unparalleled communication skills and just a very kind soul overall. And, at the same time, she is very straight-forward. Each of those qualities lending itself to a perfect set of skills for this Life/Career Coach.

I had immediate results from my very first session with her and each session thereafter. How? Why? Because she not only listens but also hears me, then responds accordingly. I feel more aware as she focuses me toward being INTENTIONAL in seeing/projecting MY VALUE every single day.

Traci also takes the time to document detailed session notes and email them after each conference call. A wonderful tool to help me action our discussion points.

In fact, I have found such monumental worth in her teachings that I hired her to coach my staff, as well. She handled all facets of personality types with ease and they all walked away with useful tools in their toolbox.

We tend to neglect ourselves and focus on others or even just the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Or, once we reach a certain point in our career, we just settle. Do yourself a favor, hire Traci Philips. Give yourself the gift of guidance and a fresh outlook…no matter what stage of your career you happen to be in. (If Hollywood Stars have an entourage to help make their life a success, why can’t we?)

I am truly elated! This is the best decision I’ve made for my career and personal gain.

– Heather O. – Director of Purchasing

During my lifetime, I have worked with many coaches. I have never worked with anyone like Traci. She does things a lot differently. She worked with me to uncover my authentic value I bring to the world. I never thought about my life and work in such a way. She also had me look at how I was spending my time and with whom I was spending it – and where do I want to focus my attention based on my value. Working with Traci has been an eye-opening experience and I am continuing to learn new things about myself and how I show up in the world. I highly recommend working with Traci to uncover your true value in order to live a fully expressed life.

-Mia L. – Certified Image Consultant

For years I have heard about life coaching but really didn’t think it was for me. After my first session with Traci, I was clear on a bunch of things that had be haunting me for a long time. Traci was able to dig in immediately and understand so much about me. I highly recommend speaking with her. You will not be sorry!! (you might even find out things about you that you never knew)

– Tobi B. – Corporate Brand Strategist/Digital Marketing Expert

What an amazing, enlightening experience I was blessed to have while working with Traci! I was introduced to Traci through a mutual friend over lunch and I knew there was something special about her right away. Traci’s discipline and ability to be present in the moment is rare. She truly listens and seeks to understand. She has an amazing heart for people and she met me right where I was, stuck!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Traci. In just 3 short months, she has taught me to also be present. As a result, I am much more certain and thus, more intentional about what I am supposed to be doing and who I am supposed to be serving! Traci taught me to embrace congruency across all facets of my life. She has helped me to identify and align with my core values. She has a unique ability to draw purpose to the surface of the journey called ‘life’.

Traci is a ‘gift’ to the world; a humble, yet confident expert in the field of Life Design! I recommend Traci to anyone who may be unsure of themselves and/or the role they are to play and contribution they are to make in the world. If you are looking for direction and purpose in your life, I present to you a gift… Traci Philips!

-Ryan R. – Financial Literacy Strategist

I’ve worked before with professional coaches specific to functions relating to roles I’ve held. Working with Traci is a highly effective experience that I find is moving me to operate on a different level. I believe she’s able to do this for me and her clients for 3 reasons.

First, Traci is an extraordinary listener. She extracts personal themes and patterns, holds them up, and provides a space to understand what is behind them. Her process (not at all cookie cutter) is powerful. In a relatively short time period, our work has positively impacted my day to day life and my relationships in meaningful ways.

Second, Traci is knowledgeable. She brings breadth and depth to each conversation, and I find the time I invest both in our discussions and outside work to be consistently worthwhile. I’m astounded at how helpful the materials and suggestions she makes are. Traci is a professional. Like all professionals, she understands timeliness and what is appropriate for when to help augment a particular topic.

Third, Traci understands men in leadership roles. She’s keenly aware of the unique challenges we face professionally and personally. Our interactions have raised my personal game. Those around me at work and home are also directly benefiting from the work I am doing with Traci. While I may not have mastered many of the approaches she’s shared, the attempts I have made have already created a huge impact.

If you’ve decided to work with a coach, congratulations! If you choose Traci and are open to her process, be prepared to stride faster and farther than you thought possible.

-Michael S. – VP of Corporate Development

In my work with Traci, I have found her to be intuitive and accomplished in her approach to helping me both in my personal and professional lives. She goes above and beyond in supporting her clients to conceive and achieve the goals they set for themselves. I highly recommend Traci for those looking to shift their approach and way of thinking to get the results that they truly want.

– Randi M. – Visual Design & Communications Manager

Traci is amazing. Her command of language and its use is phenomenal, and she is able to dig deep into the meaning and/or background of your words to find underlying stigmas that you may not even realize yourself. Working with her is very eye opening, and sometimes uncomfortable (let’s be honest…facing your issues is tough), but she also does a fantastic job of encouraging and celebrating you when milestones are achieved.

I have made so many strides in my personal and professional lives since working with Traci, and working with her has been a true joy.

-Brian S. – President, IT Solutions Firm