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Become less reactionary and more proactive by redefining your communication.

All good communication begins from a place of self-awareness. The best communication also arises out of knowing your audience and being direct, specific, and clear. While refining your leadership communication skills is an ongoing practice (you won’t master them in a day), I will use my background in linguistic coaching to help you overcome language limitations and become more effective, successful, and powerful.

My focus is not only on the meaning you give to the words you choose when telling your story, but also on the rapidity of your speech, the pauses you take, and the patterned usage statements you use. Essentially, I gauge and measure your language and words to determine patterns that point to certain “truths.” When I present these truths to you and they resonate, we then having something to work with! It’s not magic – it is, in fact, applied science.

The power of intention is paramount when developing leadership communication skills. Most of the time after completing work with a client, I hear back that the experience was nothing like they thought it would be, and that they learned things about themselves they didn’t even know existed.

My overarching goal is for you to hone your capabilities and, through powerful language markers, enhance your leadership communication skills for greater success in professional and personal settings.  Are you ready to work together? Contact me, Traci Philips, The Innate Coach, today, and let’s get started!