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“A focus on self and what matters to you is crucial now. It is not to say you cannot be in cooperation or communion with others who are on the same page; it means you need to be the most important person in the process. Work on your own self-esteem, self-love, havingness and worthiness. If you can’t give to yourself, no one else will either. Take any rediscovered needs, talents and desires and begin to align with how you wish to express them as you create your future.” -Lena Stevens

In the time we are in, the very way in which we have become accustomed to living is reliant upon technology. We become increasingly dependent on our iPhones, iPads, iWatches and iTunes accounts. Our ability to get things done and be in the world revolves around apps, mechanisms and devices. We process everything within our lives through what has been engineered by others.

Just the other day, I was speaking with a client about what it was he wanted to call himself and use as his unique brand. In the language I had heard from him, a very distinct name had come up, yet he felt compelled to research and look into what this meant in the outside world, and how others might have used it in their own branding and marketing. He wanted to make sure it would be “acceptable” to others and understood within the industry.

What I expressed to him was this did not matter. What does matter is how the name or title resonated with him and how he chose to use it to market and brand himself. The way we find out if the shoe fits or if it doesn’t is to try it on, not research it.

He pushed back, telling me anything he had ever learned about branding included market research. He believed this dictated that he had to do his due diligence and see what the MARKET wanted and what it would support.

“It sounds like you are afraid to own this, for yourself,” I said to him. “Needing to be convinced that what you want to call yourself is okay if the OUTSIDE world says it is shows me that you are, perhaps, scared of showing up as who you truly are and being accepted for this.”

At first, he resisted this, but a day later, I received an email from him telling me he had had a huge breakthrough, and yes, in fact, this was a very significant pattern in his life. I reminded him that, as a visionary, he wasn’t here to follow what others had done; he was here to create and introduce something completely new and potentially revolutionary.

When I asked him where the point of breakthrough had first emerged, he replied, “My intuition kicked in, and I suddenly knew what you were saying was 100% true.”

I believe it’s worth mentioning this very salient point. It’s necessary, when it comes to who, how and where we want to be, to let go of any conditioned belief that the information regarding this exists outside of ourselves. When it comes to this, if we are not tapping into our inner guidance and intuition – listening to what sounds, feels, looks and IS right for us – then we will be easily (and often) led astray.

Right now, in the world, I see a very large trend that I will call iNeedI need to get right with me, in all areas of my life. This entails focusing on what each of us needs within, and how to access, inside ourselves, the solutions to these needs.

So, this brings up the question, “What exactly is my inner gadgetry?”

Well, it begins with understanding what internal devices we have at our disposal – our intuition, ability to “read” a situation or another person and our clairsenses.

In the article, Intuition 101: Developing Your Clairsenses, Rebecca Rosen discusses our instinctive capacities to see, hear, feel, smell, taste and know things that we cannot connect with physically, but that exist nonetheless, and can offer valuable information that can make a tremendous difference in us living our truest and best lives.

We hear these clairsenses in statements like, “I smell a rat” when we get a hit that we cannot trust something or, “That left a bad taste in my mouth,” when we experience an unsavory situation.

In this current time of uncertainty and change, developing an awareness of and strengthening our talents in these areas can be the difference between succumbing to fear, apprehension and instability & being able to build a strong inner trust, security and belief in who we are, of what we are capable and where we are going.

After all, face it, if these internal superpowers already exist within you, what do you have to lose by building a strong, healthy relationship with them? It might just be that our ability to feel truly free and authentic depends on us being able to hone and sharpen these skills, so that we can fully and legitimately own who we are, how we want to be and why we came.