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Back in 1988, the Nike Corporation came out with their slogan, “Just Do It!”

I remember thinking at the time, now that’s something!  It resonated on a deeper level for some reason, but I didn’t know why.

Apparently, the “tough, take no prisoners” campaign that prompted the slogan was the beginning of what really put Nike on the map (and has kept them there).

So, what’s the reason for the slogan’s success as one of the top 2 taglines of the 20th century?

Just Do It offers simple language that is, at once, both “universal and intensely personal.”  It has led brand-dedicated customers to associate the use of Nike products with the chance of achieving greatness.

So, let’s talk about GREATNESS. This month, I feel will be a time when we’re going to want to be “just doing it,” in order to get over some of those humps and create habits that will allow us to ultimately perform at a greater level.

June marks mid-year, and many began 2018 feeling it was (and needed to be) a year of real change.  If we want to truly set our dial for performing greatly in life (not just this year), then we will want to know what’s holding us back and be willing, at significant times, to push through it and just do those things that we may not feel like or be in the mood for in the moment.

As a coach, I like to watch and listen to other coaches.  One of my online favs is Hannah Braime.  I know I’ve mentioned her in past posts, and recently, she put out a 2-part article called 13 Reasons You’re Not Making Changes You Want To Make.

So, I wanted to use this post to add on, so to speak, and offer some of my own feedback about the areas she has highlighted.  I do highly recommend you take time to read both parts of Braime’s article for yourself, as well.

In Part 1 of her article, Braime talks about 8 reasons why we may be standing still and not making much needed changes.

The first two reasons are Discomfort & Energy.

What do they say?  We are primed to run from pain and towards pleasure?  It also takes energy to not only move and get things done, but to move through discomfort and do something differently that can help you grow to a better place.

A helpful strategy is to look at the situation differently.  Yep, shift that mindset, baby!  Instead of viewing it as “uncomfortable,” “hard” or “scary,” see the opportunity to make positive change as a mechanism of empowerment where you can begin to see what you are capable of and how you can do things to improve your situation.

I look back on challenging times in my own life, where I purposely placed myself in situations that I knew would allow me to grow.  I use these as a tool when current opportunities present themselves.  I think to myself, “if I did THAT, then I can certainly do THIS!”

When you choose to set yourself up for an intentional challenge, seek well-aligned help and support. See what new heights you can successfully reach, even if it simply starts with watching less tv and reading more.

The next two reasons Braime mentions are Fear of the Unknown and Making Too Many Changes at a time.

Often, when we dive into the frustration we are feeling around something in our lives that needs to change, it can cause one of two types of reaction.

1) We can get all “heady” and experience “paralysis by analysis.”  We are afraid of what we haven’t tried and what unknown impacts our changes could have on our current situation.

Or 2) we just do it and start making all sorts of changes that don’t allow our “whole self” to catch up and experience buy-in fast enough.  The risk here is that we can fall prey to overwhelm.

I, personally, like baby steps.  Just doing it doesn’t have to mean going from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.  In order to create sustainable and lasting change, it is important to approach all adjustment plans with compassion, patience and an understanding of what methods work best for us, as individuals.

Reasons #5 and #6 are some of my favorites.  Oh yes, I make this statement facetiously, although, they are on the “favorite” list when it comes to mandatory awareness and precision of execution.

#5: You are looking to the wrong people/ norms/ memes/ beliefs, etc. for instruction, support and validation.

This one is tricky.  I believe, wholeheartedly, that it’s important to first listen to your own instinct, emotions and general sense of what is right for you before allowing any outside influence to play a role in changes you are considering making.  Those closest to us may feel well intentioned, and could be offering opinions based on who and what they want us to be for them to feel comfortable with our changes and the impact these changes may have on their relationship with us.

#6: You want it NOW.

If you were raised in Western culture, whether you know it or not, you have been conditioned to convenience.  What this has developed, within you, is an expectation of having what you want exactly when you want it.  Now, how much you have worked with this relationship within yourself will determine how much of an effect the conditioning has on you, for sure.  Yet, we all have the conditioning.

So, what to do?

Here’s the list I work with in my own life to keep a firm eye on remaining in a zone that will allow for optimal performance.

  • Let go of expectations
  • Focus on the desired intention
  • Be present and mindful to the simple steps
  • Keep consistent to the game plan (and flexible if the game plan needs to shift – then stay consistent to the edits)
  • Look for the lesson and the chance to learn it
  • Accept and work with “what is”
  • Have gratitude for the opportunity and the gifts that show up

Now, to be fair, some days are better than others. When I fall off the wagon, I get back on with compassion, patience and understanding.  Each time, too, it gets a bit easier.

This practice constitutes a tried and true method to create positive, lasting change.  The process may seem far from exciting and sexy at times (think chop wood, carry water), and in the long run, it delivers each and every time.  Perhaps, not exactly what was envisioned, yet it will always put you in a place that’s better than the one where you originally started.

Braime’s 7th and 8th reasons for why we don’t make necessary changes in our lives are that we don’t have true faith in ourselves and, from this place, we are giving into our own negative self-talk.

Honestly, these last two could sum up a lot of why I do what I do for a living.  One of the key principles to life that I’ve found to be fascinating is that no matter how much work you do to know yourself, you simply cannot get a bird’s-eye-view of your own life.  We do rely on others to help us see things we just cannot see about ourselves, otherwise.

Now, that’s not to say we rely on just anyone to be our sacred mirror.  To help with numbers 7 and 8, I recommend finding trusted support to help you see things … the wonderful, brilliant & much needed gifts within you that you cannot seem to see yourself.  Then, work to believe them.  Truly take them in.  Accept them, as you do your flaws, and understand all of it makes you who you are; unique and special.

Finally, from a place of seeing your “whole self,” consider what you can do, with all that you are, to help make this world a better place.

♥ Traci