The Four-Lettered “F” Word

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Yep, it’s four letters and starts with “F.”

What role does it play in your life?  Do you use it as an excuse to not say what you really mean?  Does it come out when you least expect it . . . ruining your ability for real communication?

Of course, you know it’s FEAR, I’m talking about, right?

It’s always a challenge to step from fear into faith, but here’s the key, when you do, it’s rewarded.  Every. Time.

Think about your life.  I bet you have proof of this in large and small ways when you take a thorough look into our past. Guess what, now is no different.  What you are currently most afraid of is no bigger than the energy you give it.  You can be rewarded if you step into what is scaring the pants off of you right now!

It’s important we work with where we are.  We can take big leaps for big impact or smaller steps to allow for more “social proof” to support our growing trust and faith.  There is no one right way. It’s more about reading where we are in the moment and what we need to support our current growth path.

The most important thing is that we ACT.  Taking action is a great way to move from fear into something better.

Many of us are really most afraid of digging deep and feeling what we need to feel.

Another four-letter “F” word . . . FEEL.

It’s all fine if the feeling is good, but what of the not so good ones?

Alcohol consumption, drug use and other addictions wouldn’t really be a problem if we were open to feeling all of the feelings we have, right?

Really, we think it’s about the external stuff, but it never is.  It’s not about the money or lack of it, the external titles or lack of them, the connections to security or the lack of it. It’s always about the fear of the emotional meaning we have attached to the things in our lives.

The fear is the very thing we need to walk through. We need to allow ourselves to feel the associated emotions in order to reach the answers that will lead to the results we want. Each and every time.  This is a law, really, when we take a good long look at it.  When we walk into our fear, we find the real success we seek.  Every time.

Think about your goals.  What do you want?  What do you REALLY want?  What’s keeping you from it?  It’s associated with some kind of fear, right?

The steps you need to take are there when you are ready.  It’s only about you making the decision to do it. Step. Forward.

Now, by the way, would be a good time!  What can you do right now to face your fear(s)?

What do you need to look at? . . . to feel?

The funny thing is that success is always assured.  It may not look anything like we think it should or will, but it is assured, nonetheless.  If we could find the place to connect with faith in this, we’d never question a single thing.  But then, the challenge of all of this is a big part of the lesson and the joy of the awareness that we get from learning it.

So, go wade through those scary, deep, murky waters and witness what you find!  It’s bound to be incredible, and, in the end, really, not so scary after all!