What Is It To Be Truly Independent?

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As we celebrate our country’s independence today, perhaps it’s good to reflect on what this actually means.

In my opinion, to become a truly independent nation, we must, first, learn to become independent citizens.  It starts with the one, right?

Since I’m going to elaborate a bit on this in my next blog post about the big R    . . . Responsibility, I actually wanted to share a great post that I recently found and wanted to pass on for consideration.

A lot has been coming up around the direction in which our country is going, and really we can only begin by getting our own lives in order.  If we haven’t cleared, reclaimed and taken responsibility for our own stuff, then how can we, in all truth, add to the solutions “out there?”  Many believe that if they fix external issues outside of themselves then that can be a surrogate for what is not being addressed within themselves.  This just isn’t true.

What is “wrong” out there is only a representation of what we haven’t addressed within each of us.  What I experience in my outer world is a mere reflection of what I have going on within me.

This article discusses ways in which we can consider reclaiming our true and rightful independence so that we can make a real and powerful impact as the unique person we were created to be.