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With the present leadership development focus in the business world, now is the perfect time for local companies in Chapel Hill to seek support to boost their leadership potential.  As we move forward, it will not only be important to keep up with the advancements in leadership expectations from a competitive standpoint, but also when it comes to the priorities and demands of those in the job market – both existing employees within a company and potential new hires.

A great example demonstrating the significance of the prevailing trends in leadership development can be seen in colleges and universities across the country.  Our own University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business in Chapel Hill offers an MBA program in Leadership Development, as well as a rapidly growing Executive Development division that promotes and educates up and coming corporate leaders so they can succeed and thrive in the rapidly changing world of executive leadership.

All of this points to the need for current business leaders to learn these skills, as well, if they want to compete for the best talent, keep the great people they already have and build and maintain company cultures that will continue to be attractive to the work force of the future.

So, how can Leadership Development Coaching help?

Enhanced quality of work and more connective interaction were the outcomes of a study done that showed 48% of leaders receiving coaching were able to significantly improve these areas. As can be expected, this increased the level of these leaders’ engagement and efficacy, improving their success in leadership roles. In addition, coaching gives leaders a place to practice the skills they need to fully own their position and feel confident and capable in motivating and inspiring others and improving the culture within their organization.

I have almost 10 years of experience coaching leaders in Chapel Hill and around the country.

Most leadership models will try to tell you who and how you need to be to become an effectual leader. True leadership coaching should bring out your innate talents and skills and help you develop these to enhance your natural abilities, success model and personal potency.

As a leader, connecting with your people (employees and clients) and building the right culture for your company has a lot to do with the local culture of the area in which your organization is located, as well as the needs, purpose and personality of the business and the market it serves.  As a local business owner myself, I understand the culture of the Chapel Hill area and how to work with our community leaders to offer the skills that will be in pace with regional needs.

Every great, from athletes to entertainers has worked with coaches to get them to the top.  To be the best, you must commit to being agile, innovative and open-minded.  Seeking personal and professional support to improve your skills and knowledge of effective leadership is imperative.  Employees and clients are becoming more and more discerning, and as the choice of great companies run by great leaders increases, the need to keep up does, as well.  Invest in yourself, your company and your people by seeking the expert support that can help you reach your greatest potential as a leader.