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Leadership has changed quite a bit in the past three years. Demands on leaders to address the current issues with workforce, employee satisfaction, culture expectations around diversity, equity and inclusion, just to name a few, have left leaders with more questions than answers.

In my focus to help local North Carolina leaders to some of the Triangle’s top-performing companies keep up with ongoing challenges, I have introduced my clients to new ways of increasing their effective decision-making capacity and collaborative and empathetic mindset and approach to address necessary change initiatives and their day-to-day role requirements.

Leadership is an INSIDE job.

As such, building self-awareness, as leaders, is key in order to have the edge and advantage in today’s world.

The recent introduction of my Whole-Brained Leadership Program has offered clients the chance to capitalize on better understanding their leadership potential through deeper awareness and use of their three levels of intelligence.

Drawing from the neuroscience findings in the 1990s that humans have three brains – head, heart and gut – my program gives leaders the tools, techniques and strategies needed to improve their ability to connect to the parts within them that inherently know what truly matters to them and to those they are positioned to lead. Additionally, this knowledge helps leaders better align with their company’s true mission, purpose and potential impact within the market.

With leaders waking up to the importance of leadership development, it’s exciting to hear how by better understanding their innate inner guidance through the use of head, heart and gut intelligence, they can improve not only how they lead, but how they live, as well.

Here’s what a recent client shared:

“I had immediate results from my very first session with Traci. She doesn’t just listen to me; she truly hears me, and I feel more aware as she focuses me toward being more intentional in seeing and projecting my value through the use of my three levels of intelligence. I have hired her to coach my staff, as well, and we always walk away with useful tools for our toolbox.”
– Heather O’Donnell, VP of Operations and Planning, Strata Clean Energy – voted one of the Triangle’s Top 50 Privately Held Entities by Triangle Business Journal

Now is the perfect time for local companies in the Triangle area to seek support to boost their leadership potential. As we move forward, it will not only be important to keep up with the advancements in leadership expectations from a competitive standpoint, but also when it comes to the priorities and demands of those in the job market – both existing employees within a company and potential new hires.

There is a need, now more than ever, for current leaders to learn crucial skills if they want to make the necessary decisions that allow them to attract the best talent, keep the great people they already have and build and maintain company cultures and systems that will continue to be attractive to the workforce of the future.

Seeking personal and professional support to build the required skills and knowledge for effective leadership is imperative. As employees and clients become more discerning, and as the choice of great companies run by great leaders increases, the need to keep up does, as well. Invest in yourself, your company and your people by seeking the expert support that can help you reach your greatest leadership potential.